The Bioinnovation for Soil and Water Solutions Cisbay delivers unique and advanced microbial products to help the World solving its most tremendous problems of our time by focused on rejuvenating the soil naturally and improving the water quality biologically.

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AGN Bio-Fertilizer

the killer angels leadership essays pdf Rejuvenating Soil Revolution that based on Advanced Beneficial Microbes to increase the Micronutrients in the Soil EXPONENTIALLY

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The Biological Water Treatment Solutions

see Using beneficial microbes to improve water quality
Clears water naturally by removing excess nutrients

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AGN A Concentrated Bio-Fertilizer for Long Root applications; Vineyards & Orchards


aisha bint abu bakr essay scholarships A Special Bio-Fertilizer Formulation for Short Root applications; Rotational Crops

BIO-POND The Biological Water Treatment Solutions based on Advanced Beneficial Microbes!


source url An Advanced and Unique Classes of Beneficial Microbes that target bottom for Waste Reducer Rejuvenating Soil Revolution

Advanced Beneficial Microbes to increase Micronutrients in the Soil EXPONENTIALLY

AGN Bio-Fertilizer

enter site AGN “a Breakthrough Liquid Formula” produced from the fermentation of the naturally-occurring microorganisms and the ability to penetrate through the soil while enriching with nutrients and organic materials in a highly concentrated stage.

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The results are far more than expected from growers that they just had more than 20% yield increase comparing to their thousand of vineyard acres. Plus, most importantly that they achieved much higher sugar (brix) level than normal which leads to an early harvest. Larry Nash -- President, Business Development

labor day essay The Biological Water Treatment Solutions For Ponds, Lakes, Reservoirs and Canals

Clears water naturally by removing excess nutrients


short essay on id festival ramzan Bio-Pond is the bio-solution to help maintain your ponds, lakes, reservoirs or canals clean and clear the natural way. Bio-Pond uses its unique and superlative beneficial microbes to breakout the excess nutrients, pull them away from the water column and restate the water to its naturally beautiful and healthy condition without the undesirable side affects of chemicals.

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As an industry veteran, I’ve used and tried many other products on the market for the past 20 years and nothing has work effectively like Bio-Pond. Carlos M., King City, CA

Sustainable microbial biotechnology can transform global agriculture

Together we can help the world produce healthier crops and higher yields.

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