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Clears water naturally by removing excess nutrients


gay marriage adoption essay topics Bio-Pond is the bio-solution to help maintain your ponds, lakes, reservoirs or canals clean and clear the natural way. Bio-Pond uses its unique and superlative beneficial microbes to breakout the excess nutrients, pull them away from the water column and restate the water to its naturally beautiful and healthy condition without the undesirable side affects of chemicals.

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BIO-POND — Beneficial Microbes are the Key

Clears water naturally by removing excess nutrients

Reduces Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Organic Wastes

Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide and Methane gas odor

Binds Phosphate

Improve Water Quality

Helps create a balanced ecosystem

  • Reduces Nitrite, Phosphorus up to 90%
  • Reduces Hydrogen Sulfide, Methane gas odor up to 90%
  • Binds Phosphate up to 65%
  • Improve Water Quality 100%
  • Helps create a balanced ecosystem up to 100%

Easy Application

Apply Bio-Pond is a simple step, simply toss the water soluble packets directly into the lake or pond.

Have fun tossing it and just enjoy your beautiful water!

How Bio-Pond Works

A blend of naturally occurring beneficial aerobic and facultative anaerobic microbes.

Effective in reducing water column nutrients in lakes, ponds, ornamental ponds and water gardens.

Rapidly metabolizes excess nutrients, pulling them from the water column where they would normally be available to algae and aquatic weeds.

A NON-TOXIC, safe for all aquatic life, people, pets.

Simple and easy-to-apply half pound water soluble packets application.

Formulated, manufactured and packaged in USA to ensure maximum quality and optimum effectiveness.

Bio-Pond provides you with beautiful, clean and clear water

Microbes are natural occurring microorganisms that perform beneficial tasks in the aquatic environment. These are good bacteria that are capable of improving water quality and clarity by targeting organic particulates and excess nutrients, such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus, brought in from various sources. However, due to their naturally low concentrations they are incapable of reducing the organic matter on their own. With the application of our beneficial microbes their population growth will boost exponentially thus giving them the ability to improve water quality and clarity.
Bacteria can use very simple compounds as a food and nutrient source, they can actively grow on fertilizer and excreta. Most bacteria do not require sunlight for energy and some are independent of oxygen to grow. They obtain energy from the breakdown of carbon compounds within their environment rather than via photosynthesis, bacteria can work both day and night. Therefore they do not cause the diurnal variation in dissolved oxygen that is characteristic of eutrophic ponds. This ability to remove nutrients without the need of sunlight gives our beneficial microbes a substantial advantage in competing with nutrient-loving aquatic plants. Bio-Pond is an all-natural microbial formula that uses the natural ability of bacteria to consume phosphorus and nitrogen compounds for growth to improve water quality and clarity
The application for using Bio-Pond is a simple process requiring just a few minutes every other week by simply tossing the water soluble packets directly into your lake or pond. Bio-Pond is available in a 20 lb bucket containing half pound water-soluble easy to use packets conveniently packaged with our beneficial microbes. The dosage is based on the volume of water in acre feet of the lake or pond. Your initial dosage is 1 pound (2 soluble bags) per acre foot of water, which is a common dosage for most lakes and ponds. Then follow up with a maintenance dose of 0.5 pound per 3 acre feet of water every two weeks until water clarity is achieved.
Bio-Pond offers an all-natural eco-friendly and effortless solution to manage your lakes and ponds by using beneficial microbes. Bio-Pond is made from all-natural ingredients. It is a biological product that works with the ecology of water, to restore the imbalance of nutrients and enhance the water’s ecological system in a natural and long-lasting way.

http://autotechronic.website/?topic=joining-phrases-essays-online source url Initial Dosage: 1 pound (2 bags) per acre foot of water.

pro death penalty essay conclusion example thomas love peacock the four ages of poetry analysis essay Maintenance Dosage: 0.5 pound (1 bag) per three (3) acre feet of water every two weeks until water clarity is achieved.

here * Ponds with constant new water exchange, please calculate the amount of new water accordingly.

the castle australian voices essay typer enter site DOT Classification: Non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-corrosive.

As an industry veteran, I’ve used and tried many other products on the market for the past 20 years and nothing has work effectively like Bio-Pond. Carlos M., King City, CA


pire sur seiche expository essays It works so well that it completely restored a clean and clear water after 72 hours tossed those bags in the lake.  No more death fishes or odor.

Suzanne R., Paso Robles, CA

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Bio-Pond is the ONLY microbial solution needed for your water treatment

Stop your chemical treatments, contact us today for Bio-Pond biosolution and save the water!

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